Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thirty Days of Me - Day 2

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
“Quiet Arrogance.” Long ago, in the distant past just after high school, I was given a book as a birthday gift from a female friend. She and I had known each other for years and years. The book itself was, I struggle to recollect, “The Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle. I was always a big Holmes fan when I was younger, but I had not evidenced it since in the time I’d known my friend and she would have had no real way of knowing that.

I told her that I was indeed a huge Holmes fan and asked her how in the world she knew that. Her reply?

“I didn’t. There’s just something in him that reminds me of you. You both have that kind of… Quiet Arrogance.”

Needless to say, I liked that so much it has stuck in my head all this time.

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